Matrix Printers

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    Printronix’ flagship, the P8000 series builds upon the workhorse tradition of all Printronix line
    matrix technology and establishes the P8000 as the go-to solution when flexible design, adaptable functionality and manageable savings are required. Printronix’s P8000 series includes two new modular printers; the Tabletop with the smallest footprint and greatest portability in the series; and the Enclosed pedestal for customers looking for a quiet, dependable pedestal style printer for use in office environments with space limitations. Additional design enhancements include new sheet metal designs that promote improved durability and acoustics, and a new easy to use interface with larger LCD screen, graphical display and intuitive menu navigation. Keeping pace with current technology requirements, the P8000 series added USB 2.0 as a standard feature and expanded its remote diagnostics capabilities for even greater printer control. The P8000 series delivers improved functionality, the broadest flexibility, greatest compatibility and lowest ownership cost of any print technology.


    Based on the famous IBM 4247, Printronix’ serial matrix printer, the S828 sets a new standard for the ultimate in rugged desktop reliability. Building on the workhorse tradition of Printronix industrial printers which deliver maximum uptime, a low total cost of ownership, and reliable operation across a wide range of environments. In addition to heavy-duty 6-pin tractors for optimal forms feeding reliability, and industry leading printhead life, the most defining feature of the S828 is the highly functional & ultra-rugged metal construction designed to outlast any other printer in this category.